Internships in enterprises in Canada

internships-in-enterprises-in-canadaObjective :
This program aims at supporting students along with their curriculum in Montreal to help them invest and manage their own part-time construction projects.

University students already accepted in one of the universities of Montreal, motivated, having sufficient financial means to invest themselves in real-estate projects and able to handle parallel studies and work. This with the help of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. This will allow them:

  • To acquire practical experience in managing a construction company in Canada;
  • To enjoy a considerable lead over business-partners students;
  • To apply for permanent residency and immigrant status in Canada;
  • To generate profits and pay their own studies by the proper management of their businesses;
  • To learn French and English more quickly;
  • To gain self-confidence in business and in the future to be better prepared in their careers and take over the management of their family business.

Selection criteria:

  • Be accepted by a University in Montreal, Canada;
  • Having the financial means to invest in real-estate projects;
  • Be motivated;
  • Able to handle multiple tasks well simultaneously. This in carrying out well one’s curriculum while supervising construction projects.


  • Customized support program based on Program # 3 above.

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