Become a builder in Canada

How to become a builder in Canada and Quebec?

become-a-builder-in-canada-quebecTo build any type of buildings in Quebec, whether you are business people or an individual who wants to build his own house as a self-builder, it is necessary to hold an RBQ construction license, whether it is as an entrepreneur in construction or as an owner self-builder. This license is granted by a Quebec Government agency called the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec or RBQ, which establishes the requirements to follow.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to create or purchase a construction business it is very important to address the RBQ to know about the steps to follow on how to become a builder in Quebec.

Some options on how to become a builder:

  • Pass the exams: in the very first place, the notion of public safety and of guarantor is very important to understand before becoming a building contractor. To ensure public safety, the RBQ emits a construction license through a person who is called guarantor and who has passed the examinations: building code, technical, administrative and security of the construction, which are prescribed by the RBQ. It is this person who has passed the examinations and who holds a certain ratio of participation in the company that allows the company to obtain an RBQ license. In most cases it is the owner of the contractor company and/or the shareholders who are respondents. Note that it is possible to have multiple respondents;
  • Call upon a respondent: It is possible to buy a construction company from another contractor or create a new one without passing the exams. In this case, it is still necessary to have a sponsor in the business who has passed the examinations any time during the operations of the construction company. It is recommended that the entrepreneur and the respondent call upon a lawyer specializing in construction law Canada to draw up an agreement outlining the terms, responsibilities and commitments between the sponsor and the owner entrepreneur of the business;
  • An RBQ license for a project, and not for a company: it is possible to obtain an RBQ license to carry out a specific project. Once the project is completed, the license expires.

These explanations on how to become a building contractor are very simplified and to respond better to them it is advisable to go directly to the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.

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