Real-estate sales in Canada

Real-Estate Sales of a construction project in Quebec, Canada

real-estate-sales-in-canadaTo help business people build projects and realize real-estate sales in Canada, we assist them in:




  1. obtaining information on Canada to bring them to take the decision to invest in Canada and know how to establish their business in Canada with a business strategy;
  2. guiding them to legal experts in immigration and commercial law, business law and construction law that will help business people to come to Canada to live and/or do business there;
  3. proposing 5 business plans in real-estate strategy through our construction company in Canada and our experience of building sites and the construction business in Canada. This is to help you build your own business, find and select the land and buildings, mount projects with plans and cost estimates and manage real-estate projects from A to Z;
  4. Finally, we help you with the real-estate sales of your construction projects in Canada and to obtain projects and construction contracts through our company’s customers.

As successful business people with experience you know that to realize real-estate sales of a construction project in Canada it is important to consider several factors right from the beginning and even before looking for a building plot or a dwelling to transform it for resale, such as: the location, the price, the competition, demand, the customs and habits of your Canadian customers, the design, sales techniques and many other aspects related to real-estate sales. So, before you even start the project, it is necessary to consider that all these factors will contribute to the success of your real-estate sales in Canada prior even to beginning construction of your project.

The real-estate relationship between the customer, developer, contractor and salesman

When, how and with whom to sell? Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. coordinates real-estate sales to help you know when, how and with whom to sell your construction projects in Canada.

When to sell? A question arises. What is better? Start building first and then begin selling or start selling now even before beginning construction? Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps immigrant investors and business people doing real-estate sales to invest a minimum, minimize investment risks and make more profits. The ideal is to sell construction projects in Canada preferably on plan even before starting construction, using instead the funds from the customers and the bank and minimize the use of your capital. It is therefore possible to build and sell construction projects in Canada and to make a profit while using the money of the customers and the bank. The question is how to do it and how to manage it. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. can help you. Realizing real-estate sales before construction requires very well articulated management of the work and the clients. When it comes to the sale of plans with only a model pavilion before construction it is necessary to call upon more than one real-estate agency. Customers who buy on plan take advantage of this opportunity to get construction discounts, of course, but also to have the opportunity to make choices or customized changes in terms of color, design or style of their property. These choices or customized modifications require careful management. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps you to realize the real-estate sales of your construction projects in Canada through good management of your real-estate sales on plan.

How to realize successful real-estate sales in Canada? Real-estate sales are regulated in Quebec, Canada, and it is important to have good knowledge about the laws, the warranties to provide, the funding rules and other details. All of these elements will help you get your best strategy and offers to sell your construction projects in Quebec, Canada. As an entrepreneur in construction since 1989 we know these regulations well.

With whom to sell? You know that the skill of selling is really an art. As an investor it is not advisable to rely for a 100% on a real-estate agency. It is better to build your own sales team. We guide you to build your own team of real-state sales or we even suggest salesmen of experience to you who know the market and Canadian customers well. We add to that our experience in construction to better support your real-estate sales team by answering technical questions and adding to your projects innovative features that will attract customers and help in realizing the real-estate sales of your construction projects in Canada.

Elements to realize real-estate sales on plan before construction

It is not enough to be an excellent salesman or to publish a real-estate advertisement for a real-estate sale of a project before it is built. Some tools, strategies, capital and essential elements are needed to realize a real-estate sale prior to construction, such as:

  • pre-authorization by the municipality to implement the real-estate project;
  • before making a deposit for the purchase of the land verify the land transfer tax which is payable on the transfer of immovable property. It is the buyer of the building who is required to pay the transfer tax. The real-estate transfer tax is imposed on the acquisition of a building and is payable in a lump sum;
  • if it is to buy a building to transform and resell, then do a real-estate inspection and soil study before even thinking about selling the project;
  • owning a home, a condo building or a model unit that will serve as a demonstrator for visiting customers;
  • plans, 3D renderings, virtual tour and video presentation that highlight the design value of the real-estate project;
  • a real-estate salesperson managing the sales;
  • price charts in function of: the number of floors, surfaces, landscape orientation, benefits, parking, storage lockers, facilities, extras and other selling accessories;
  • a co-ownership agreement in the case of condo buildings;
  • a budget and marketing strategy for real-estate sales;
  • consulting the Real-Estate Board of the region to learn more about comparables.

All of these elements and many more are needed to help the real-estate sales of the project. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. not only acts as a general contractor but also as a consultant and advisor in property management from the search for land and a building, through the mounting of the project with plans and estimates, then with the turnkey construction and finally the real-estate sales of the project.

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