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france-quebec-canada-in-businessMore and more French people decide to come to Canada and more specifically to Quebec, not only to immigrate or work here temporarily but also to do business. For several years now Quebec has been a business platform of choice for France for several reasons. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps these businessmen and French companies to settle in Quebec in the fields of construction (products and services), real-estate projects and renewable energy. The major advantage of using Construction Daniel Dargis Inc is that our team works closely with specialists and lawyers in immigration, in building and business law, in addition to providing full support from A to Z in matters of construction in Quebec, thus providing a legal support in addition to a practical support on the ground.

In 1997, the Immigration Department issued 1,982 selection certificates allowing French citizens to settle permanently in Quebec. In 2009, this number increased to over 4000. In December 2011, there were 61,918 French nationals registered at the French consulates, of whom 51,335 in Montreal and 10 583 in Quebec City. In 2012, the total French community in the Province of Quebec is estimated at 100,000 people. Among these, many are engineers, architects, urban planners, estimators and other construction specialists. This resurgence of professionals from France in Quebec is due to several reasons. Among them are:

  1. The adoption of several mutual-recognition agreements of professional qualifications including:
  2. The Development Project “Plan Nord” in Quebec :
  3. The records of construction projects in Montreal in 2011:
  4. Language, cultural and investment policies between France and Quebec :

All these measures, consequences and other reasons encourage the coming of workers, immigrants and business people from France to Quebec.

In May 2011, the French mining company ArcelorMittal, announced an investment of $ 2.1 billion in the Plan Nord du Québec for the expansion of its Quebec complex Mont-Wright, as well as for additional work in Port-Cartier. These investments should help to increase the annual production of 14 to 24 million tons per year by 2013. This expansion should also result in the creation of 8,000 jobs in the construction sector and another 900 in the mining sector, in addition to the 1,100 people already employed there.

The presence of France in Quebec business is as much reflected by the increased activity of large French companies developing natural resources as by the many investments of individuals, business people and companies who come to live and work here and/or to invest in construction and real-estate projects by purchasing old buildings (houses or apartments) to transform and resell, land for the construction of real-estate projects (condos, rental properties), and even animal farms, cheese producers and land for vineyards. Quebec is full of opportunities for French investors who want their plots of land at affordable prices. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc guides these French investors with customized programs from A to Z, from: the invitation and business visa through information sessions on real-estate and construction law in Quebec looking for land and buildings, construction and renovation of projects all the way to create construction companies in Quebec under French property.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has a representative based in Paris. He has more than 10 years of experience in international affairs and business. He participated in the arrival of several foreign firms in Quebec from France, Spain and other countries. He will know how to guide you. We continually seek to build relationships and agreements with other specialists in immigration law, business law, commercial agents, financial advisors, bankers and other certified professionals who have contact with business people and companies who wish to establish themselves in Quebec.

Our Company works in cooperation with law firms specializing in immigration law, business and construction law to help business people and French companies not only manage their projects but also to establish their own businesses in Quebec to enjoy more autonomy and opportunities to increase their profits. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc has developed business forms to greatly facilitate the integration of companies wishing to do business in the Quebec construction industry and in real- estate projects. Laws and regulations in Quebec construction are numerous. This is a major advantage in protecting from competition companies who have the privilege of entering the Quebec market. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. and its team gives you access to this protected market. It is advisable to seek professional experience in the field of construction law. It is in this context that Construction Daniel Dargis Inc surrounded itself with experts to offer you integrated legal solutions in addition to solutions on the ground.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is the only Canadian and Quebec construction company with over 20 years experience in construction, renovation and management of residential, commercial and industrial projects to structure and direct a part of its activities specifically to help business people to create, operate and run their own Canadian business related to the construction industry. With all its experience, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. serves as a guide starting from training through the search of land to build on and buildings to convert, and then offering several business solutions for construction and renovation projects, and finally as a support for sales.

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