Real-estate agent in Quebec, Canada

A real-estate agent for the sale of a construction project in Canada

real-estate-agent-in-canadaBefore you think about finalizing the sale of your real-estate project in Canada you should consider promoting your project in Canada. Construction marketing helps you attract customers to your real-estate project, whether it is before, during or after construction. A real-estate agent helps you to sell the project and the contractor helps you to deal with customers and the project during the construction. Once the marketing process has been activated you can think about sales. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., through its experience as a building contractor, guides you in setting up a marketing plan in construction with experts such as: a real-estate agent, a marketing consultant and a publicist.

A real-estate agent and/or the Internet to launch a construction marketing campaign in Canada

Today the success of a project depends not only on good works. It also depends on the marketing and sales team. We understand better than anyone else your situation as business people because we are building contractors. However, it takes more than entrepreneurial talent. It is also necessary to have skills in marketing and sales of construction projects. Previously, it was almost essential to call upon a real-estate agent to do the marketing and publicizing of a real-estate project. Today, the Internet and the social media play a very important role in construction marketing allowing the developer to launch his own campaign. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has a network of experts in social media in Canada and selects for you the right real-estate agent to establish a marketing strategy for your building project.

A real-estate agent and a building contractor in Canada

The credibility of your company and project in Canada is an important issue in your marketing plan in construction in Canada. Relying only on a real-estate agent to sell a project is not recommended. How and when to do your marketing and also who your partners are, that will create a climate of trust among your customers. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. teams up with a real-estate agent to mount a marketing campaign in construction to add credibility to the project and trust with your customers. We are members of the Quebec Order of Engineers, member of the APCHQ and the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec since 1989.

The Internet for marketing, a real-estate agent for the sales and a contractor for the construction in Canada

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. takes care of the complete development of the sales strategy through: the marketing by Internet and other media, finding a real-estate agent for the sales and installing a model sales office for the development and implementation of the real-estate project. You will therefore have better control over the sales instead of relying on a real-estate agent to do all the marketing of the project.

The customer, real-estate agent, entrepreneur and promoter relationship

When it comes to selling a property project before construction from a model and plan office a real-estate agent will of course help close the sale but when construction will begin and the customers will require special attention to monitoring and customizing of their dwellings then a real-estate agent is not helpful in most cases. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. takes care of managing customer requests during construction.

The competition is fierce, the opportunities are great for construction in Canada and your marketing plan in construction will bring you success. Big or small, we believe that your business must benefit from a competent marketing team in construction. That is why we provide a team of professionals, a cutting-edge support, and flexible marketing plans in construction.

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