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Business consultant, real-estate project consultant and construction advisor in Canada

business-consultant-canadaA consortium of specialists in business, real-estate projects and construction in Canada consisting of the consultant of your choice to first inform yourself well about the sectors of business and the construction industry in Quebec and Canada before taking important decisions in investment and/or immigration, and then to have all the resources needed to create or buy a business and manage projects and get more bids of contracts through the intercession of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.

We do not only inform, advice and provide the resources to create or buy businesses but we provide projects to contractors, developers and business people who come to Quebec to develop their business.

Here are a few of the websites under the direction of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. to help business people from A to Z in business projects and immigration to Canada in the following sectors: construction, real-estate and renewable energy projects. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is the only construction company in Canada with over 20 years of experience to direct its activities as a Canada business consultant to help business people settle in Canada and, moreover, to provide them with projects.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a Canadian construction company founded in 1989 and operating in the following sectors: residential, commercial and industrial. Mr. Daniel Dargis, Eng. & its founder, comes from a family of building contractors with a long tradition of experience in construction from father to son since 1960.

1. Engineer Montreal : a website offering complete consultancy services in building engineering in Quebec, Canada;

2. New Home Construction : Construction services for new homes and multi-storey buildings and building advisor;

3. Basement Renovation: Renovation of basements in homes in the Montreal area and surroundings and interior design consultant;

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation: Renovation of kitchens and bathrooms in the Montreal area and surroundings and design consultant;

5. Montreal Garage Construction : Specialists in construction of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural garages in Quebec, Canada and advisor for warehouses and garages.

MontrealCIE is a consultant, resource and supplier of projects for business people to build their businesses and do business in Canada in the areas of construction, real- estate and renewable energy projects. The website offers 4 programs for business people in Canada created by a Canadian construction company. These programs are:
1.  for business people who get access to immigration and do business in Canada;

2.   for business people who want to come for a visit;

  1. for business people who wish to create a business and start up projects;
  2. for student-entrepreneurs who wish to realize real-estate projects alongside their studies.

Canada-Visa-Business explains a unique methodology in four steps from A to Z used by Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. advisor to help business people to do business in Canada by accompanying them with certified experts in the process:
1.  of information gathering for decision making;
2.  legal and judicial matters;
3.  project management;
4.  sales of projects.

We are the only Canadian company in engineering and construction acting as consultant to assist business people in their decision-making process leading to immigration and/or the creation or purchase of real-estate and construction related businesses and then providing them with the projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

MontrealCIE for establishing your business in Canada. Visit our website

Construction Daniel Dargis inc. helps you build your projets in Canada. Visit our website

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