Invest in Canada in construction & real-estate

Canada is the destination for investing in real-estate

investir-au-canadaTo invest in Canada in the areas of construction, real-estate projects and renewable energy is of great value for many reasons such as: the value of land and buildings at affordable prices, especially in Quebec, the stable banking system, the purchasing power of consumers taking into account the excellent employment prospects and low borrowing rates, proximity and access to all of America and the current and future projects in construction and real-estate to come across Canada. We help you to invest in Canada. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps you to invest in Canada in the areas of construction.

The Province of Quebec is plenty of many building lots and buildings to convert and sell at very good prices. You can even find, close to Montreal, large areas of land to invest in, 5 to 10 times cheaper than in Vancouver or Paris. Immigrant investors in Canada will benefit greatly from this. Quebec allows immigrant investors to invest in Canada and do business in real-estate with more affordable budgets.

According to the Canadian Bankers Association the Canadian banking system is one of the most secure and stable in the world and it benefits to Canadians and business people who want to invest in Canada. Canada’s banks are well-managed, they are well- regulated and have sufficient funds to enable business people to invest in Canada in real-estate. The Canadian banking system is both strong and durable and it is the source of Canada’s economic success.

The purchasing power of Canadian consumers for you business people who are going to invest in Canada is excellent. Low mortgage rates, excellent prospects for construction jobs across Canada contribute to maintaining a high level of confidence among consumers allowing the real-estate developer, the investor and business people of Canada to take advantage of this situation. In December 2012, the Canadian Government launched a campaign to look abroad for more than 320,000 workers in the construction field and it welcomes business people who wish to immigrate and invest in Canada.

Between 2010 and 2012 Montreal has known record levels in construction since 1976, and many business people come to Montreal to invest in real-estate and construction. The same goes for Quebec City, Toronto and other Canadian cities. Foreigners have decided to come and invest in Canada and they come not only to buy condominiums but complete buildings with several apartments. Business people in China, France and the Arab countries are coming to invest in Canada. Some foreign companies have obtained contracts for major construction near Montreal for the construction of a highway and the construction of a new hospital.

Canada’s geographical proximity to the U.S. allows access to a pool of more than 320,000,000 consumers.

All these points and many others represent an important asset for business people looking to invest in Canada.

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