Buy a business in Canada

Buy a Construction Company in Canada

buy-a-business-in-canadaMany investors and business people are highly interested in buying a construction company, or create one, in order to not only limit themselves to being a provider of work as a property developer, but also to enjoy full autonomy holding all the construction contractor’s licenses allowing them not only to realize their own projects saving greatly, buy land and build themselves, but also having the opportunity to bid for projects run by other customers, amongst them projects for individuals, for private companies or for the Government.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps business people get the training and preparation in order to buy a construction company or create one.

Before thinking of buying a construction company in Quebec, Canada

Before thinking of buying a construction company in Quebec, Canada, you have to be knowledgeable about: the laws of construction, the Building Code of Canada, the labor laws, the real-estate market in Canada, having an excellent network of local subcontractors to carry out the work, knowing where and how to buy the materials and of course benefiting from an excellent local reputation as a general contractor. Although  to buy a construction company having enough capital appears to be sufficient, it becomes an altogether different ball game at the time of running it. Business people or immigrant investors accustomed to other customs and ways of doing business in their countries of origin will have a strong interest in calling upon the services of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. to help them not only to buy a business in Canada and starting a business in Canada with their new companies but also to obtain new contracts and train their teams for the estimates, tenders and during the implementation of their first projects in Canada.

Laws and regulations of construction in Quebec and Canada

It is in Quebec, Canada that construction contractors have the best legal protection in the world to guarantee the payment of the projects they have realized for their customers.

Through a judicial regulation called legal mortgage, contractors and subcontractors who carry out construction work are entitled to legal protection from the Government of Quebec to ensure first place and this even prior to the lending banks or Government itself, to obtain payment for their work done. Nowhere else in the world and not even in other Canadian provinces such a law protects builders against payment defaulters.
Buying with a sponsor or passing the exams

To obtain an RBQ construction company license in Quebec there are different ways, namely by:

  • Buying an existing company;
  • Passing the exams of the Régie du Bâtiment of Quebec;
  • Signing an agreement with another general contractor so that he acts as guarantor and person responsible for the new business that is created or pursue continuity thinking about buying an existing business. For it is not enough to financially buy a construction company. It is also necessary to have a guarantor authorized by the RBQ to validate the RBQ license of the company.

A network of experts to find a business to buy

Thanks to our network of business contacts and professionals from the construction sector we can help you buy a construction company in Quebec, Canada, or create a new one and purchase land or buildings. We make your business trip to Canada more efficient. Training can even be organized with experts in each specialty in: finance, taxation, construction law, and others to better explain the business environment to you.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is more than a construction company. We support you from A to Z, from the beginning during your business trip to Canada to buy a construction company or to create a new one and then with the acquisition and management of projects in Canada.

No other construction company or business advisor helps business people in such a comprehensive manner in order to buy, create, and operate a construction company in Canada and moreover to obtain contracts.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Construction Daniel Dargis inc. helps you build your projets in Canada. Visit our website

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