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Experts in construction and Canada real-estate law in Quebec

droit-immobilier-canadaIf you come to Canada as an investor, business person and/or immigrant with the intention of doing business in the real-estate and the construction sector it is important to have at your side experts in Canada real-estate law to properly protect your transactions. In Canada and more specifically in Quebec, the area of Canada real-estate law is vast, complex and contains several laws that serve to protect the rights of citizens: the consumer, business people, buyers, sellers and companies.

Some attorney firms divide their law practices between two specialties:

  • Canada real-estate law, including all stages before delivery of the building: negotiation and purchase of land and building contracts, financing contracts, land easements, construction and renovation contracts, deeds of sale and purchase offers. For business people and future developers in Canada there are a huge number of structures to legally implement a project for everything to work as business people consider it. Whether it is to purchase a simple building or a major tourist or recreational center;
  • Canada real-estate law when the construction is completed for the maintenance and management of the buildings.

Here are some concepts of the extended scope of practice of Canada real-estate law in Quebec:

  •  Purchase and sale of property: land, buildings under construction or already fit to live in. Canada real-estate law intervenes to prevent and resolve disputes such as concerning the limits of land, recourse for late delivery of projects, contract cancellation and others;
  • Construction and renovation of buildings: In Canada real-estate law it is the Province of Quebec in Canada that has the most laws and regulations in the world. This is a great advantage to protect business people as well as the citizens in Quebec. Canada real-estate law in Quebec gets involved either for new construction or for renovation projects. If you want to buy buildings to transform them the real-estate lawyer is unavoidable especially if you are a new Canadian citizen learning new legislation in Canada real-estate law. As a property developer or investor you will be in contact with building contractors, the municipality, customer real-estate buyers and neighbors and citizens who have their say and who know the law well. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. with its experience of over 25 years in construction and renovation in Quebec and its teams of real-estate lawyers can help protect you;
  • Condominium: The condominium is also called the condo building. Before building or buying one or more condo buildings it is important to consult a notary specializing in condo buildings or a lawyer specialized in Canada real-estate law as much for the drafting of the deed of ownership as to review the terms before buying.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a construction and engineering firm in Quebec, Canada with a large network of lawyers specializing in Canada real-estate law that helps business people, future real-estate developers and new construction contractors in Quebec. Contrary to law offices that only deal with the legal aspect we bring together experts from fields that have a practical experience of construction sites and projects in addition to guide our clients to partner lawyers who are experts in Canada real-estate law. We act as tutors, mentors, advisors, consultants, employees, supplier and facilitator of projects and contracts in order to help our client business people in Quebec, Canada.

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