Company internships in Canada for business people and promoters

company-internship-in-canada-for-business-people-promoters280x170-1For business people and developers wishing to do business in Canada, buy a business or start a new business in Canada, it takes more than capital to succeed in business in Canada. One must also hold licenses and permits, know how to find and recognize business opportunities, have knowledge of the laws and the business community in Canada and have a network of business contacts. Normally all this information is obtained with months and years of business experience in Canada. Unless of course one has access to a Canadian business mentor who is willing to give advice and even offer a practical internship in a company to new business people coming to Canada.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a Canadian consulting firm in business, marketing and construction which, since 1989, not only helps business people and Canadian companies to obtain contracts but also helps business people, developers and foreign companies receive practical business training through internships in Canada. These trainings in companies are offered to business leaders who want to build their businesses in Canada and/or have access to immigration.

Training and practical company internships in Quebec, Canada, for business people and promoters to accelerate learning and provide tools

For new business people and developers in Canada, the average time needed to learn, by themselves, about the business community in Canada to allow for an initial investment project is approximately 24-36 months. Meanwhile, business people lose a lot of time and money to find the right information, investment opportunities, develop fixtures for possible projects and analyze the potential ROI. The training and internships for business people and developers offered by Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. allow to greatly accelerate, up to 300%, the learning time and obtain the basic tools for project analysis.

The content of the training and company internships in Quebec, Canada, for business people and promoters

During the training and internships for business people and developers, the candidates will be involved at all levels of operations of the Canadian company, such as:

    • Administration ;
    • Marketing and advertising ;
    • Negotiation and signing of contracts ;
    • Project management ;
    • Management of staff ;
    • Project design: engineering, architecture, design and construction ;
    • Research and innovation in business ;
    • Basic course on the laws, regulations and the building codes in Canada ;
    • Sales.

These training programs in companies from the business community in Canada are designed to allow candidates to not only play the role of observers but also to participate in decision-making by interacting with the management team of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. The training period lasts a minimum of 4 weeks and costs $2,500.00 US per week.

The objectives of the training programs for business people and developers during internships in companies in Canada

These training periods and internships in business in Canada will allow future business people and developers to :

  • Know in a practical way how to run a business in Canada ;
  • Be better prepared to buy or start a business in Canada ;
  • Be introduced to the laws and regulations in business and construction in Canada ;
  • See what are the means and the budgets to consider for marketing and advertising in order to get customers and contracts in Canada ;
  • Begin to build a network of business contacts: lawyers, accountants and subcontractors ;
  • Possess basic tools to analyze by yourself investment opportunities in Canada in real estate and construction ;
  • Participate in the negotiation of contracts ;
  • Improve the knowledge of the language of work in Canada ;
  • See how projects are managed in Canada ;
  • Be able to start building one’s own customer base or to be in a position to obtain contracts through Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.

The admission requirements are:

  • Having a profile and business goals in Canada destined to serve the interests of the Canadian company and the Canadian economy ;
  • Being sufficiently proficient in French and/or English ;
  • Passing successfully the telephone interviews or in person ;
  • Have the financial resources to meet one’s subsistence needs throughout the duration of the full-time internship in Canada ;
  • Have a comprehensive insurance for accidents during and outside of the company internship at any time and on any occasion during your stay in Canada ;
  • Provide all necessary information: name, addresses of reference persons to contact in case of accidents or other serious occurrences ;
  • Provide basic equipment for work: laptop and software ;
  • Pay the registration fee for a minimum of 4 weeks, i.e. $10,000.00 US plus taxes if applicable for Canadian residents ;
  • Comply with the terms of the company that will provide the internship and practical training, such as :
    • release the employer from any liability or obligations ;
    • live close to work ;
    • be willing to attend training on a basis of 8 hours/day, flexible hours between 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. ;
    • professional attire, punctuality, good attitude and other conditions apply.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. propels business people and developers in Canada by providing training and practical internships in companies in Canada, allowing therefore to significantly accelerate the learning time in business in Canada and get the tools and resources to find, analyze and implement investment projects in Canada.

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