Company internship in Canada for students and professionals

company-internship-in-canada-for-students-professionals-1A new program developed by a Canadian company enables Canadian and foreign professionals and students to receive training and preparation in a Canadian company to acquire an initial practical experience of the workplace in Canada in order to better prepare for finding thereafter a job in Canada.

Our Canadian organization offers training and integration programs in the construction industry in the form of internships for students and professionals in engineering, architecture, design and construction.

These training and integration programs in companies and unpaid internships cost $725.00 US per week for a minimum of 8 weeks. These internships are primarily designed so that students and professionals can gain experience in Canadian business and get to know, in a practical way, the Building Code of Canada and other specific regulations in the construction industry in Quebec and Canada by being involved in concrete projects in Canada. Our internships are supervised by a Canadian engineer and specially organized in regard to practical training workshops for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and essential tools in the construction industry in Quebec and Canada to facilitate a gradual integration into the workplace in Quebec and Canada.

The following conditions apply :

  • having a professional profile corresponding to the requirements and needs of Canadian business ;
  • being proficient in French and/or English ;
  • achieving success with telephone interviews or in person ;
  • have financial resources to meet subsistence needs throughout the duration of the full-time internship in Canada ;
  • have a comprehensive insurance for accidents during and outside of the company internship at any time and on any occasion during your stay in Canada;
  • provide all necessary information: name, address of reference persons to contact in case of accidents or other serious occurrences ;
  • provide basic work equipment: laptop and software ;
  • pay the registration fee for a minimum of 8 weeks, i.e. $5,800.00 US plus taxes if applicable for Canadian residents ;
  • pay the registration fee for a program study in a Canadian school ;
  • for people from outside Canada pay the fee $2,500 US for the consultation with a Canadian lawyer for the permit of study in Canada ;
  • comply with the terms of the company that will provide the internship and practical training, such as:
    • release the employer from any liability or obligations ;
    • live close to work ;
    • be willing to attend training on a basis of 8 hours/day, flexible hours between 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. ;
    • professional attire, punctuality, good attitude and other conditions apply.

This practical training in companies will allow to introduce Canadian or foreign students or professional trainees to the workplace in Canada. This will allow them to :

  • receive an initial assessment on their ability to adapt in a different working environment in Canada than the one in their country of origin or to be initiated to a first professional work environment ;
  • know what additional training is needed to adjust their skills to find future employment in Canada ;
  • know what are their qualities to develop and faults to correct, and ;
  • meet the needs of Canadian employers who often ask for a first work experience in Canada and work references in Canada.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a Canadian company that helps Canadian companies by preparing business people and domestic and foreign professionals to integrate into the workplace in Canada by practical training internships to make interns better prepared and able to meet the needs of companies in Canada.

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