Business office to share in Canada

business-office-to-share-in-canada-1Sharing an office with a reputed and experienced Canadian company and be trained by the management team of this company becomes an advantageous way to obtain access to the Canadian business experience and be able to detect and recognize investment opportunities that arise in Canada. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a consulting firm in business, marketing and construction that helps business people to establish themselves in Canada through business. The Dargis Business Centre offers business people to enjoy a range of services such as :

  • Sharing an office with a local Canadian company ;
  • Providing access to Canadian business and immigration lawyers ;
  • Having bilingual representatives in English and French and other foreign languages who work full- or part-time in Canada for your business ;
  • Identify business opportunities such as land or buildings for sale ;
  • Organize business travel to Canada ;
  • Get training to obtain permits and licenses for new companies in Canada ;
  • Do marketing ;
  • Find contracts and provide projects in Canada ;
  • Develop real-estate projects in Canada ;
  • Manage projects.

Business people and companies from France, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Africa and other countries will find at the Dargis Business Centre all the resources to propel their businesses in Canada and have access to immigration.

Sharing an office with a Canadian company to learn better and faster
The foreign entrepreneur in Canada who wishes, by himself, to open an office or start a business will have to be patient and expect to invest large amounts of money before finding the information, make good decisions and find the business opportunities, customers and projects. Taking a place in the Dargis Business Centre business people have all the tools to get an answer to their questions quickly and efficiently, make the right decisions, put into action their business plans and propel their business in Canada.

Sharing a business office in the heart of the Canadian economy
Montreal is one of the cities of choice to start a business in Canada. This is one of the five largest cities in Canada, the most multicultural and the only bilingual city of importance in Canada. If business people choose Montreal it is especially for the large real-estate investment opportunities where we find most of the land and buildings 3 to 5 times cheaper than in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver. It is in Montreal that the Dargis Business Centre offers an innovative business formula to allow foreign entrepreneurs the possibility to establish themselves by sharing an office with a local company in Canada. Montreal will therefore become the beneficial and accessible platform for your company for doing business across Canada, such as in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Sharing an office in a complex of 5000m² in Canada
The Dargis Business Complex is located in a building of 5000m² together with more than 70 Canadian companies in Montreal. The complex is open 365 days a year and 24 hours per day and offers all services and access to amenities for business: furnished offices, conference rooms equipped with projection appliances, reception rooms, experienced Canadian personnel with academic degrees in business and real-estate investment such as engineers, architects, developers of real-estate projects, lawyers, accountants, managers and marketing specialists.

Different business formulas are available on a monthly and annual basis. The costs are comparable to renting an office in any other major Canadian city, but adding to that all the benefits of being coached and guided by a local experienced Canadian company.

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