Arab in business in Canada

arab-in-business-in-canadaCanada is a country that is home to many immigrants and investors from all countries. Montreal is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The presence of the Arab community there is large and continues to grow. Quebec offers excellent opportunities in immigration as well as for business people in real-estate projects. The team of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has several local Arabic speaking specialists: architects, engineers, modelers, appraisers, and others available to help business people from Arab countries settle in Quebec in the field of construction.

Over 150,000 people speaking the Arabic language are present in Montreal alone already. Among these many are in Montreal as immigrant workers with their qualifications and experience as high-level specialists and having passed through a long selection process. Many of this large workforce have obtained the recognition of their professional qualifications and they occupy important positions in the field of construction in Quebec. On the other hand, more and more business people of the Arab community decide to invest in Canada, particularly in Montreal and its surroundings, in the real-estate field.

Quebec’s potential in current and future real-estate projects is excellent. It reached record levels in 2011 and in 2012 it is slightly above the record set in 1975 at the time of the Olympic Games’ construction project in Montreal. Construction investment amounted to $ 50G in 2012, an increase of 6% over 2011.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is there to help these business people to: train the business community in Quebec construction, start their own businesses and manage their operations in construction and renovation. Whether it be to look for land to build buildings on, to transform dwellings, to create their own Canadian construction companies, to manage construction sites and projects, or to help with the sales of projects, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc can help you.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is the only Canadian and Quebec construction company with over 20 years of experience in construction, renovation and management of residential, commercial and industrial projects to structure and direct a part of its activities specifically to help business people to create, operate and run their own Canadian business related to the construction industry. With its vast experience, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. serves as a guide from training through research of land to build on and buildings to convert, and then offering several business solutions for construction and renovation projects, and finally as a support for sales.

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